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Welcome to Mark Berry Guitars. I build classical and flamenco guitars using traditional Spanish bracing patterns and construction methods. I love the sound of the old Spanish guitars, and feel a kinship with the old Spanish Builders. Quality of sound is my guiding principle, and I strive to bring to each guitar specific attributes. These are; balance between basses, mid ranges and trebles, responsiveness to touch, complexity, clarity and concentration. Many small decisions are made in the course of hand building a guitar. Those decisions are made in weighing and measuring. They are made tactilely, as each piece of wood is held and flexed. They are made visually, as woods are chosen, and pieces are joined. They are made audibly as resonances are established. All these small decisions, when carefully made, will add up to a guitar with a distinct personality and that difficult to describe quality that luthier Jeffrey Elliott calls “allure.”

Classical and Flamenco Guitars
The distinction between the classical and the flamenco guitar has historically been unclear, and continues to be so today. Yet I think it is instructive to differentiate between the sound traditionally associated with each instrument; the classical with its deep resonant sonority and ringing sustain, and the flamenco with its quick attack and incisive punchyness. Making this distinction helps me clarify which materials and construction techniques will bring out which qualities of sound in an instrument. This understanding helps me produce a guitar that effectively addresses the needs and desires of each client.

Mark Berry's ‘Sympatica’ guitars have all the warmth of a fine traditional Spanish Flamenco, with the characteristic snap you'd expect, along with balance and a modern clarity. Listen to Mark Taylor playing his guitars and you'll hear what I mean. When I need advice about Flamenco guitars now, I go to Mark Berry.”
— Harry Fleishman, director Luthiers School International

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